Requesting Note Information May Result in Credit Score Drop

In todays world of automation and general lack of customer service weird things can happen.

It has been reported that people asking Mortgage Servicers for the names and addresses of the entities who own their Mortgages are having their credit scores lowered.

How could this happen?

Generally, you should know who is servicing your mortgage.  That is the entity that you send your Mortgage Payments to.  But who really owns the note?  Who do they send the money to.  So being the prudent borrower, you go ahead and write your servicer and ask them who owns your Mortgage and Note.

That letter is read by some low level customer service rep, sometimes with little training, who decides (or has been directed) to mark your Mortgage as being in “Dispute”.

The next time your servicer makes their monthly report to the credit bureaus, your loan is now no longer in good standing, but a “Disputed Account” which can ding your score as much as 40 points with some reporting bureaus.

Be forewarned, be prepared, and make sure you have competent legal advice.

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