MERS view of the State of the Law in Georgia

Georgia courts recognize the right of MERS to foreclose, as illustrated by the decision in American Equity Mortgage, Inc. and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. v. Chattahoochee National Bank, # 05-cv-1951 (Forsyth Cty. Sup. Ct., Dec. 29. 2005, J. Dickinson).

This was an action to enjoin an immediate judicial sale due to equitable subrogation in which the court recognized the validity of a lien held by MERS and the authority of MERS to enforce it.

The borrower executed a security deed naming CitiFinancial Services as the grantee in exchange for a loan. The deed was recorded. On June 15, 2004, the borrower re-financed the loan by obtaining a home equity credit line from American Equity Mortgage. The deed to secure the debt named MERS as the grantee in a nominee capacity for American Equity. The deed was recorded on June 24, 2004, and CitiFinancial‟s loan was paid off by the refinance.

Approximately a month prior to the re-finance, Chattahoochee Bank obtained a writ due to a judgment lien obtained against the borrower in the amount of $679,240.01. Chattahoochee provided a Notice of Levy on Land to the borrower, which indicated that it intended to conduct a judicial sale of the property.

American Equity, claiming it had no knowledge of Chattahoochee’s interest in the land when it loaned the money for the refinance, brought suit and obtained a temporary restraining order.

Following the entry of the temporary restraining order, the issue was raised as to which entity should be the plaintiff in an effort to determine whether American Equity/MERS has priority over Chattahoochee Bank.

After briefing and an evidentiary hearing, the Honorable David L. Dickinson determined that “MERS, in its capacity as grantee in the deed to secure debt and as nominee for American, or its successor in interest as the holder of the note, is the entity that would suffer irreparable harm if [Chatahoochee] foreclosed on its judgment lien and is the entity entitled to seek an injunction in this case. MERS is entitled to enforce the American Deed to Secure Debt per its terms.”

The court awarded MERS a permanent injunction precluding Chatahoochee or its successors or assigns from selling or foreclosing on the property so long as the deed held by MERS remains in effect.

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